HGT Law is a boutique commercial litigation firm that serves the needs of U.S. and international clients, including clients from Asia and Australia.  The firm represents both institutions and individuals.  The firm’s practice focuses on helping clients who have suffered losses arising from misconduct such as securities fraud and other violations of federal and state securities laws; breaches of fiduciary duty by corporate directors and officers (e.g., improper related party transactions between companies and their controlling shareholders, insider trading by company directors and officers, failure of oversight by directors and officers, undisclosed and improper executive compensation, waste of corporate assets, and other corporate governance violations); breach of contract; and business torts.

With our background and experience, we offer our clients the advantage of “big firm” experience with the flexibility of a small firm, including more flexible fee options.  In order to achieve our clients’ goals efficiently, we work with our clients to devise fee arrangements that ensure quality representation while aligning our interests with those of our clients.  Based on our clients’ needs, we handle cases on a conventional hourly basis, fully contingent basis, or on a hybrid hourly/contingent fee basis.


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